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Dragons: Wild Skies

Dragons: wild skies:dreamworks dragons: wild skies description: the ultimate 3d game for training your very own dreamworks dragons of berk village. start off by selecting your character.. male or female and then choosing your own name. after all that you will start taking instructions from hiccup and he will even let you fly toothless! fly around and learn how to slow him down with z and dash for fast speeds with c. after that your flying abilities will be tested by having you fly into floating targets. next you will get to find and train your very own dragon! first you will have to find the right kind of bait for your dragon and chop it up before you go out searching. when you find that dragon you’ll have to feed him the correct food that he likes or he will get angry.. in this case you know exactly what he wants because hiccup told you. train him and let him know that you are not scared of him by hitting the spacebar at the right time and he will soon be your first trained dragon!

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  1. Carl says:

    Umm, are you really just giving this info out for notnihg?

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